Tradition & Quality

Our turrones are the traditional ones. We want to preserve the turrón in its essence and therefore we work to achieve the highest quality in all its varieties. Made with a base of almond, honey and sugar, turrón of Jijona and Alicante are the two most famous varieties, followed closely by turrón Yema Quemada, in which eggs are added into a base of marzipan and then covered with burnt sugar..

The Planelles Donat family has held for generations the tradition and quality in the production and sale of its sweets and turrones. A careful selection of its production goods and a traditional production has turned our name into a quality reference in Barcelona.

In Planelles Donat we are aware that some of our clients may suffer from allergies and that’s why we made a list of all the products that can be eaten by people affected by diabetes, celiac disease and lactose intolerance:


In Planelles Donat we make sugar-free turrones (sweetened with maltitol).
The varieties of sugar-free products we have are:

  • Jijona
  • Alicante
  • Chocolate with almond
  • Polvorones

Coeliac/Celiac disease

All the turrones are suitable for coeliacs/celiacs.
The products that are NOT suitable for coeliacs/celiacs are:

  • Almendrucos
  • Polvorones
  • Barquillos
  • Glorias and yemas
  • Cadiz bread
  • Whisky chocolate

The marzipan figurines do not contain gluten, but may have traces.

Lactose intolerance

The only products that contain lactose are:

  • Cream and walnuts nougat
  • Truffled chocolate
  • Whisky chocolate
  • Truffled chocolate with almonds
  • Truffled chocolate with hazelnuts
  • Barquillos.